We believe in the vital importance of creativity – for everyone. We have two signature 90 minute online life drawing classes you can take from anywhere! One is our classic and adheres to the more traditional life drawing classes beginning with short poses to warm up and free your muscles and ending with much longer poses so you have more time to focus and fine-tune your drawings. The other is more experimental, often theme based with costumes, sound and a lot more immersive and interactive. Both sessions will begin with 1 minute poses and end with 20 minute poses. These two classes are designed for anyone wanting to hone their skills and express their creativity – but it can have a much wider impact too. It can contribute to a mindful and relaxed state, reduce anxiety, improve problem-solving and encourage new perspectives. It’s also really fun! If you've never tried life drawing before give it a go! Pick up some paper, your pens, pastels and pencils to sketch the poses of our model, Sunara. Feel free to book into any class below.

What Do I Need?

Some paper and a pen or pencil is all you really need to take part – if all you’ve got is a napkin and a biro, that’s just fine – although you could also work with pastels, charcoal or any other materials you want to try. We recommend you watch on a desktop and go full-screen if you can, to get the best possible view of the model.


We offer group classes as well as one to one private yoga classes from 60 / 90 mins in duration. Beginners and intermediate classes available to suit your anatomy. A unique teaching method for all abilities, body types and it's okay if you've never done yoga before. Each class is designed for your individual needs whilst still maintaining a good overall flow. Sunara Begum is available for private online classes, group classes online as well as more tailored classes. Whether you’d like an introductory package, one to refine your current practice, or time spent to individually tailor your practice to better serve your needs, online personalised instruction is truly expansive. I will work with you to facilitate growth and take your practice to a deeper level, whether it’s through disciplined drills, playful movement, or calming meditation and philosophy. Explore and enhance your practice with that individual attention. Please see schedule belowe for weekly online classes.

What Do I Need?

All you need is some space to lay your mat parallel to the screen and try to frame it so that Sunara can see you. Make sure you can see and hear Sunara throughout the class as the session will be verbally led as well as with physical demonstrations. As soon as you log into Zoom, please mute your microphone and keep it on mute throughout the class.


One-on-one online conversation, exchange and dialogue addressing mental, physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual wellbeing. Sessions are informal and confidential and based on humanistic and person-centered coaching techniques. Any information shared is our own opinion, experience and derived from life research. (The consultation does not substitute for a medical or psychological assessment).


£7 -

Please mention your full name, title of the session with a date as a preference for the session you would like to attend. A personal email and session link will be sent out within 24 hours of your initial contact. Finally, if you've never used Zoom before its a good idea to familiarise yourself with it before the session.