• To promote the genre of cross platform expressive arts as a way to share experiences

  • To educate, inspire, and celebrate the visual and performing arts globally

  • To serve as an innovative educational nucleus for artists and individuals

  • To positively reflect and celebrate the identities of peoples all over the world

  • To provide development and representation for cultural practitioners

  • To address and discover solutions to collective problems through storytelling, film, theatre, photography, painting, dance, poetry, music and movement

  • To work closely with specific artists to develop and realise their unique creative ambitions and vision

  • To initiate, research, document, study and produce audio, visual, literary and theatrical projects that shed light on the contemporary history of artists

  • To work together to diminish social, religious, and racial tensions

  • To create a centre of cultural richness where all forms of creative expression can be given the space to be heard, felt, experienced and appreciate